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Maggie McChristie’s debut novel, All’s Well That Ends, shows that Maggie is already an accomplished and entertaining writer. The novel blends action, mystery, and suspense with clever dialogue, engaging characters, and a dash of well-chosen literary allusions. Add hidden treasure, meditation tips, murder, pirate lore, and a touch of married bliss, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a good story. Already looking forward to Maggie’s next book!

The action keeps coming, even after you wonder how much more Jack and Marty can take. McChristie has a way of bringing her characters to life and taking you on their adventure.

I loved the Quote Game, the relationship between Jack and Marty, and Jack’s battle of wits with Kyp! (The sheriff is a good sparing partner too.) The hunt for the treasure has surprising twists and an unexpected ending. All’s Well That Ends was a thoroughly enjoyable read!

This novel includes adventure/mystery yet also some heartfelt family stories. Very enjoyable reading!

In A Midsummer Night’s Murder, Jack and Marty find a body on the beach. A reunion with friends reveals connections to another death. The past is about to catch up. These books are perfect for readers who enjoy a multilayered mystery with clever conversation, engaging characters, humor, and a dash of romance.

A fun, intelligent, and complex follow-up to All’s Well That Ends, involving murders decades apart. Deception and lies abound, keeping the reader guessing to the end. Maggie McChristie knows how to tell a story that grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go!

Great characters! A complicated web of lies, disturbing memories from the past, and present day threats put Jack and Marty in danger. The subplot blends nicely with the main mystery and leads to a surprising conclusion. This book has well-written characters and a complex mystery that kept me guessing til the end! Highly recommended!

Best writing! Seriously, this author is the most articulate and descriptive without being repetitive…I was intrigued the whole time I read.

Occasionally a cozy mystery comes along that entertains and educates at a higher than high school level and this was one of them (for me).