If you like the nonstop action thrillers by Lee Child, Jack Carr, or Tom Clancy, then this book series probably isn’t for you.

Jack Dunn is no Jack Reacher. He can’t compare to James Reece. He doesn’t have the useful connections of Jack Ryan. 

In fact, Jack Dunn is just an ordinary guy, usually in over his head. He stumbles into situations and is forced to figure things out as he goes along. He doesn’t have any special skills or military training. He does, however, have his wits, an attitude, and a clever and feisty wife. 

The Jack Dunn & Martha Healey Mystery series offers readers intelligent, well-written suspenseful stories layered with adventure, humor, and a little romance. The descriptive locales are as much a part of the narrative as the engaging characters who come to life in McChristie’s novels.

You've always had an overactive imagination — we’re so happy you found a suitable outlet for it. We gave your books ten stars! What do you mean we can’t? Okay, then. Five stars. Twice.

- My Mom and Dad

Maggie McChristie was born and raised in Colorado. After sojourns in New Mexico, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee, she now resides with her husband in the lovely town of DeLand, Florida.

Maggie spends her time reading, writing, playing the piano (poorly), gardening, cooking, and attempting to speak Scottish Gaelic (again, poorly). She has always admired authors and finally decided to become one herself.